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There are DJs. And there are performers. But there is something to be set for a musicologist. That’s pretty much how you would would describe one of South Africa’s most loved DJs – PH.

PH Madubela, also known as PH has been performing for crowds over the past 10 years. From his early days at student parties to his recent years of playing to thousands at concerts – his motivation is the same. Play for the people.

It’s because of this that brands, his peers and followers fall in love with him through every beat. And we mean that.

A PH mix is not just a mix. It’s a journey that will have you dancing in your chair if you dare to stream it at work.

Now when you have the infectious formula its only natural that radio will come calling.

PH dominated the airwaves at 5FM for (x) years hosting Party with PH and later moved to one of the biggest stations in South Africa, Metro FM for Cruise Control.

As the demand grew for his sets PH knew TV was the next step which meant he secured a spot on SABC 1 Live AMP as a VJ.

So where does his inspiration come from? His followers. That’s why he makes sure that both him and his team keep his 150 000 + followers entertained, informed and happy on Social Media with creative content. We did say, he plays for the people and so the people need to be happy.

Stalk his Insta, he has hung out with everyone from Diddy to Guetta. Stay motivated with his Twitter, his pearls of wisdom get RTs from Black Coffee to DJ Fresh. Go live with him on Facebook, he has played for J Cole and Chance the Rapper.

Learn from his mailers. Yip, we send out weekly dj tips.

Welcome to the world of PH, where we play a bit louder than the rest of the kids but we can assure you that you won’t wanna leave.